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Primary Education

The key to building a sustainable educational foundation is to ensure the basic skills for English and Mathematics are solidified as early as possible.

In English, we help students perfect their skills in SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar), while extending their reading comprehension skills, including their ability to retrieve information and make inferences from information within the text. In Mathematics, we encourage students with their times tables, show students how to develop their methods and techniques in problem solving and help them to apply these skills to the learning objectives that are relevant to each year group.

Our primary sessions are deliberately designed to be engaging, differentiated and fun, to help students stay focused on their learning. We want students to be confident in their own abilities and endeavour to promote enjoyment through independent learning, providing guidance to correct mistakes and rewarding every success.

We offer concentrated SATs training for the KS2 SATs exams to fully prepare our students.

We help to banish exam stress by helping our students become confident with the SATs structure and format.

Armed with previous exam papers, a wealth of experience and the examiner commentaries, we help students become confident in their abilities. We don’t just cover the content, we show them how to understand each question and how to gain maximum marks using the correct techniques.